is one of the twenty-one heroes (playable characters) of Overwatch.


Reaper is a mysterious terrorist donning a military attire with a Grim Reaper-esque motif. Reaper was once Overwatch commando Gabriel Reyes, but his conflict with former ally Soldier: 76 led to the force's destruction, and Reyes reinvented himself as a sociopathic mercenary infamous for his inhumane ruthlessness.

Abilities and equipmentEdit

Reaper is an offensive class of 250 health. His signature weapons are a pair of Hellfire Shotguns that both only have four shells each, forcing Reaper to discard the firearms as a whole and equip a new pair. His additional abilities allow him to be an invincible but harmless shadow temporarily, teleportation, and reaping his fallen enemies' souls for health.


  • The Reaper is similar to the Red Hood as they are both mysterious and ruthless hooded mercenaries whose primary weapons are a pair of powerful firearms.