'D-9341 is the sole playable character of SCP - Containment Breachs main mode.


D-9341 is an utmost mystery. All that is known is that he was a young man charged for homicide and transported to the SCP Foundation, a Men-in-Black paranormal investigative agency, to unwillingly serve as a guinea pig in the Foundation's lab experiments. One of these experiments go awry thanks to a power-outage, however, and D-9341 is forced to trudge through a dark research facility against dozens of monstrous abominations after him. D-9341's personality and appearance are currently nonexistent, and it will likely remain this way.

Abilities and equipmentEdit

D-9341 seems to be a weakly built man with low stamina, who is completely incapable of self-defense like a traditional survival horror protagonist. The only equipment D-9341 can equip within his small inventory are helpful items like gas-masks, documents, and key-cards he finds scattered about the facility.