An 8-bit avatar of the child

The nameless child of Five Nights at Freddy's 4 is its protagonist and sole player character.


The child was regularly taken to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, which contained animatronics he was deathly afraid of. His abusive big brother regularly teased him of this by scaring him with a Foxy mask and locking him in his room. The child's only friends were his plushes, who regularly "talked" to him. One day, after being locked in the pizzeria's Parts and Service room, filled with terrifying animatronic skeletons and bits, the child was forced to "kiss" the Fredbear animatronic by his big brother and group of friends, but the robot malfunctioned and sunk its teeth into the child's skull, destroying his frontal lobe and hospitalizing him. His coma dreams of fearfully defending his home from the twisted interpretations of the animatronics make up most of the game's gameplay. The child's 8-bit sprite shows a white, tear-stained boy with brown hair, a black T-shirt with two grey stripes, brown shoes, and blue shorts.

Abilities and equipmentEdit

As a child, the boy has no physical capabilities whatsoever and must rely on his reflexes and flash-light alone to defend himself.